Trauma and pain

Emotional trauma. Physical pain.

Both take their toll in different ways

Author's image of her younger and only brother, Richard. I am heartbroken 💔 to have lost him in the most painful of circumstances.

I am going through some personal suffering right now, and am too fragile to write. But I still read. Many stories.

I don’t always announce my interaction but it’s there and in a week or so, I will be writing again.

Using pain as a furnace.

Visceral pain 💔 which breaks your heart, cowers your body, dims your eyes in a bright light.

Searching for meaning in pain

It’s back to reading Victor Frankl Man’s Search For Meaning, and to use these weeks as a furnace, for future writing.
Do we cry enough? No, we do not.

We are far too constrained by wanting to appear "in control", not "too emotional", not "hysterical".

Thank you to my followers and many readers.

Keep reading even when you feel you cannot write. You will find comfort here.

Author's image of her own story

This is my time to develop resilience — in the face of trauma and pain.

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