YAY! Medium Paid For Half The Kitty Litter.

April was busy, hard work, and it paid off .

Splinter enjoying the autumn sunlight in the catio/patio.

How Much Did I Earn?

Three times as much as March, which was my first money 💰 month on Medium.

During April 2023, my bank account tells me I paid out $300 in cat food and medical supplies for my diabetic cat Splinter, and Sophie the civvie cat. Plus another $36 for kitty litter.

But thanks to Medium and our readers, the other half of their kitty litter was FREE.

Fair to say, April was a long month when everything is measured in Tuesdays — as that’s my fortnightly Govt pension day. Which means shopping days. We had three in April.

Splinter needs a new cat cave for winter

He has one, now.

Sophie on the left and Splinter on the right in their own cat caves. Living their best lives.

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