Families and Food

Sunday Dinners, Once Again.

An invitation to dinner for my lovely Daughter-in-Law, My Son, and our friends.

Image of a serve of Italian ragu sitting atop a swirl of spaghetti strands, with a sprinkle of parsley on the side of the plate.
Photo by Tacyra Autrey on Unsplash

Dear Lisa

It is altogether too wet to even think about a BBQ for Sunday lunch, so I am opting for a really good spaghetti sauce, pasta and salad. After Warren’s big bonfire last week, a sausage sizzle just won’t cut it and I own Robbie’s cookbook! Stuart and Jane are bringing Ian, and it will be great to see their lovely son again. He is growing up so fast.

First, as Mrs Beaton says: “Get your best spaghetti sauce recipe.” (My mum’s maiden name really is Beaton — but no relation to the original lady of “first catch your hare” as far as I know!)

Well, I ring her to say “Mum, I am in serious trouble. Actually, it is Robbie who is in serious trouble!” “Why?” asks my Mum. “Because he died without writing his special sauce recipe in his cookbook, that’s why! And I promised everyone Robbie’s spaghetti for lunch.”

Lisa, you know how much Annette loved his ravioli — always two helpings and a doggie bag to go. I remember the wonderful dinner he made for our last Mother’s Day family event. So, I am running with plan B.

Author’s image of herself, her D-I-L Lisa, and her Mother, Isobel. Taken at her family home in Stoneville.
Author’s photo of herself, her D-I-L Lisa, and her Mother, Isobel. Taken at her family home in Stoneville.

Plan B and it is not going to plan.

Plan B is a recipe from “The West Australian” TV magazine for an Italian ragu — which reads like a dream sauce, and I plan to shop to its specifics. Veal, pork, butter, white wine which must be of drinking quality and Italian tomatoes, blended with the right herbs and condiments.

In all the good movies (from the Godfather to the Goodfellas) the making of spaghetti sauce is an art form, and everyone has their own special trick — indeed as did Robbie, which I never learnt. Hours in the kitchen, grating, frying, simmering, stirring and adding at the right moments. In real life and in the movies, if there is anything that a man can do to keep women at home, it is to ask them to make ragu!

Let me tell you how Saturday goes: