Have You Fled Your Favourite Facebook Medium Group?

Are you a link bomb refugee, too?

Image of an Australian Koala — which is not a bear. It’s a furry grey coloured marsupial which lives on gum leaves.
Photo by Gilles Rolland-Monnet on Unsplash

I surrender and Aussies don’t give up easily

I am a refugee from several Medium writers groups on Facebook, where every time you share a new story you get:

  • a link bomb 💣 and
  • a promise to read for 30sec,
  • clap 50x, and
  • fully engage

where at least half of those promises are lies .

Promoting yourself as a 30sec reader of my 5-7min story gets you no cred.

I am not following you and your 50x claps mean nothing to me.

Why Am I Fed Up With Facebook Medium Groups?

It’s not just the deluge of AI prompted stories which are so easy to detect.

Or the overwhelming verbosity of writers whose first language is not English, but who don’t use an AI editor to turn their thesaurus vomit into something close to passable every day language.

It’s the lies about being “fully engaged” and expecting you to do the same.

It’s seeing good, honest Medium writers getting coerced into responding to those link bomb 💣 posts which are really virtual spam, because they are not sure how to ignore the demands.

They are being emotionally blackmailed into responding.

What’s My Story As A Writer?

My stories vary from 2min to 10 minutes -- mostly around 5–7 minutes. I edit well, use good English, and never use AI. Not ever.

I am a generalist: what’s on my mind is what I write today

What Is My Offer As A Reader?

If I am attracted to your story by its headline or its image, I will engage.

Not for 30secs or a minute, but your whole story and fully engage with proper comments.

I clap as often as I see fit. Highlight when I like something.